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Contact details

Anne-Mari Ventelä

Ph.D., Division Manager, Aquatic Environment
Head of scientific research and development and scientific services.
Head of planning and coordination of the aquatic environment division including the Lake Pyhäjärvi Restoration Programme. Responsibilities also include regional strategy and cooperation of the division as well as management, implementation and funding. Management of service operations. Public relations officer and coordinator of international networking.
Tel. +358 50 370 2919

Henna Ryömä
B. Eng. (Environmental Technology)

Project Assistant
Special responsibility for waste water planning, implementation of water conservation operations and schemes.
Tel. +358 440 344 058

Postal Address

Sepäntie 7
27500 Kauttua (Eura)

Pyhäjärven suojeluohjelma, Sepäntie 7, 27500 Kauttua (Eura), puh. (02) 838 0600