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Yearly membership fees paid by members of the Lake Pyhäjärvi Fund are used as the self-funding part for schemes that function on external funding. In addition to the fund’s own schemes many other schemes related to Lake Pyhäjärvi were under implementation. This entity forms the Lake Pyhäjärvi Restoration Program. Since 2007 the Pyhäjärvi Restoration Program has been operated as part of the Pyhäjärvi Institute´s aquatic division.The Pyhäjärvi Restoration Fund still functions as a funder and supervisor for The Pyhäjärvi Restoration Programme. Schemes that have been completed in 2011 in which Pyhäjärvi Restoration Programme was involved: 

-    Technical innovations in water restoration in a changing climate (VINKU)
-    Education network  for water restoration and water conservation (VOPPE).
-    Competitiveness from Lake Pyhäjärvi nature (KIULU)

Ongoing projects in which the Restoration Programme is involved:
Schemes are being updated

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