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Restoration Work


Lake Pyhäjärvi protection work will continue during the years 2014–2020 with a new restoration programme funded voluntarily by local municipalities, local industries and associations. 

The aim of the Restoration Programme is to ensure a good ecological status of the lake. Although improved water quality has proven the extensive restoration efforts made so far to be successful, the past winters have indicated that the condition of Lake Pyhäjärvi is still vulnerable and therefore it is necessary to continue the protection work.   

Download a more detailed restoration programme (in Finnish) here:
The Pyhäjärvi Restoration Programme 2014–2020

Download the brochure of the Pyhäjärvi restoration programme here:

Restoration Programme abstract

The fourth term of Lake Pyhäjärvi restoration work began at the beginning of 2014. The restoration programme is currently being initiated at the Pyhäjärvi Institute. Municipalities, industries and various associations in the Pyhäjärvi region fund the Pyhäjärvi Restoration Programme implemented by the Pyhäjärvi Institute. Four to six water restoration professionals work at the Institute`s Aquatic Environment division and partly participate in the implementation of the restoration programme. Anne-Mari Ventelä, division manager, is responsible for the coordination of these operations. 

Vision of the Restoration Programme:

In 2020 the Lake Pyhäjärvi provides an excellent and sustainable basis for multiple usability of the Lake.

The goals of the Restoration Programme:

-    To maintain and secure a good ecological status of the lake for the years 2014–2020

-    To permanently maintain the external nutrient load at a level lower than on average for the years 2007–2013.

-    To achieve high recreational use providing the region with travelling services.

-    To complete preparations against threats posed by the climate change

-    To allow local industries and municipalities in the region to use the lake as their raw-water source

-    To ensure that economically profitable commercial fishing maintains a healthy structure of the fish stock

-    To continue increasing water protection awareness so that the different operators in the region and the inhabitants are conscious of every day water protection efforts and follow the condition of Lake Pyhäjärvi

Strategy of the Restoration Programme:

The strategy is to maintain diverse cooperation and inhabitant orientation that will enable long term securing of information and economical resources.   

The Pyhäjärvi Restoration Fund financially supports the Restoration Programme

The Pyhäjärvi Restoration Fund supports the Pyhäjärvi Restoration Programme that operates from 2014–2020. Members of the fund participate in the basic funding of the protection work through annual donations. The protection work is also funded by EU scheme funding.

Members of the Pyhäjärvi Restoration fund in 2017:

Eura municipality
Säkylä municipality
Pöytyä municipality
Oripää municipality
Loimaa town
Rauma town
Lännen Tehtaat Ltd.
Sucros Ltd.
Hk Ruokatalo Ltd.
Pyhäjärvi Fishing District
Pyhäjärvi Restoration Association
Southwest Finland Water Protection Association


The delegation acts as the highest decision-making organ in the Pyhäjärvi Restoration Fund. The founders of the fund nominate two members to the delegation, Eura and Säkylä municipalities choose two and the other funders each choose one. The delegation convenes twice a year.

Executive Board

The operation, administration and economy of the Pyhäjärvi Restoration Programme are led by a seven-member executive board, nominated by the delegation of the Pyhäjärvi Restoration Fund. The executive board convenes about five times a year.

Pyhäjärven suojeluohjelma, Sepäntie 7, 27500 Kauttua (Eura), puh. (02) 838 0600